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Land clearing services for lots

After months of careful planning, you are ready to implement your garden design. However, right in the middle of where your flower beds will go is an ugly old tree that is threatening to ruin your plans. Tree removal is a lot harder than it looks, but the expert team at Tip Top Tree Service is happy to help. From tree removal and stump grinding to clearing lots of brush and debris, you can count on our thorough removal services to tackle even the most difficult projects with ease. Our BBB-accredited tree company has been helping make Oklahoma City a more beautiful place for over 25 years, and we always maintain the highest of possible standards to bring you fast, safe, and reliable services at prices you can afford.

Tree and stump removal

Although cutting down a tree seems pretty straightforward, it can actually be quite dangerous if you are not familiar with the proper procedures. Once a tree is felled, you also have the stump to worry about, which is a lot more complicated. That’s why you need the expertise of a professional arborist and the backing of a full-service tree removal team to ensure the best results. At Tip Top Tree Service, we specialize in thorough tree and stump removal. Utilizing the best equipment and techniques in the industry, our technicians can handle trees of all sizes in a safe and timely manner. We even have our own fleet of cranes to deal with the largest of trees, and our stump grinding services cannot be beaten.

Land clearing services

When preparing a lot for new construction or landscaping, tree, and stump removal may not be your only concern. At Tip Top Tree Service, we recognize opportunity, which is why we have extended our removal services to include more than just tree removal and stump grinding. If you have a lot that needs to be cleared of brush, debris, or heavy items, we have the proper equipment and training to do the job right. Our experienced technicians take a great deal of pride in providing thorough and timely services, and all projects are handled to the highest of safety standards.

Removal services can include:

  • Trees, brush, and stumps
  • Demolished homes and buildings
  • Demolished pools
  • Yard debris and brush recycling
  • Appliances
  • Miscellaneous yard garbage

Complete removal services from start to finish

From large tree removal to clearing lots of debris, Tip Top Tree Service
can do it all. We offer complete removal services, and our clean-up service includes hauling items away. Our technicians will take the time to fully assess each project before getting started, and we have the knowledge and experience to handle jobs that other teams could not. Speak with one of our representatives to discuss if a crane service is needed for your job.

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