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Tree Removal Cost – Understanding Various Factors And Estimates

If you have a tree that needs to be removed, you may be unsure about the cost that will be involved. Typically, the overall size of the tree is going to be the major component in the cost of removal.

For example, oaks and pine trees, which are typically rather large in length and width will have a high removal cost. It is important to understand that all tree service companies are going to charge differently.

 However, one can expect to be charged at least $500 or higher for a basic tree removal service. The cost of this service should not exceed over $1000 per tree. Medium-size trees which typically grow to about 60 feet in height such as crabapple and black gum trees will be considerably less.

Reasons to remove a Tree

  • Dead or Dying Tree

  • Diseased or Pest-Infested tree

  • Damaged or Weak Tree

  • Encroaching Tree


The Damage Trees Can Do

It’s unfortunate, but big and old trees can become a big problem as time goes on. For instance:

  • The roots of the tree can compromise or damage the foundation of the house or building
  • Heavy branches can come down at any moment
  • Weak branches can cause hazard and accidents to people and properties surrounding it
  • Weak trees get even more dangerous during extreme weather


Do you really want dead or rogue trees to present a danger to your family or clients? If not, then it’s better to call on experts Tip Top Tree Service Company!


When To Have A Tree Removed 

There will be several signs that you can use to determine if a tree is decaying and needs to be removed. Look around the bottom of the tree and see if there is any red dust if so this is an indication that the tree is decaying.  In addition, decaying trees will typically become homes to many bugs and mushrooms towards the bottom of the tree. These insects and fungi feed on the dead and rotten matter and are usually a sure sign that your tree needs to be removed. In addition, inspect the outside of the trunk for any visible signs of decay.

Rotting trees will typically have dead tree bark as well as discolored areas and wounds throughout the surface. You may also witness significant cracks throughout the surface which are also a good indication the tree is dying.  A hollowed out trunk is a clear sign that the tree will be falling soon and needs to be removed as soon as possible.  If you’re looking to have a tree removed from your property, it is important to have a general idea of how much it will cost to ensure you are not overcharged.

Typically, the removal cost of a small tree is about eight dollars per foot.  If you have a 20-foot tree on your property, you would simply multiply eight dollars by 20. Thus giving you a tree removal cost of around $160. A medium tree that is about 50 feet in height will cost about nine dollars per foot which is then multiplied by 50.

In this case, the price of removing this tree will be about $450. Finally, large trees typically cost about $10 per foot. In that case, a 90-foot tall tree will cost around $900 for removal services. Choosing the right tree removal service is an essential aspect to ensure that your property is protected and safe from tree damage. It is important to take your time and research to ensure you make the best choice possible. Therefore, ensure you choose the most respected company in Edmond for this type of work, Tip Top Tree Service Company

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