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Tree Crane Company in Oklahoma City for Impossibly High Jobs

We often hear, “I have a tree that needs trimming, but it might be too tall.” Many of our customers have become discouraged after calling other tree service providers about their big tree problem. At Tip Top Tree Service we are able to help you with our crane services.

Utilizing a crane for tree trimming and removal as well as lot clearing, allows our arborist to complete jobs that others once thought impossible. Not every job will require the use of a crane. That’s why we thoughtfully examine what jobs will specifically need a crane. Our cranes allow us to trim tree limbs that have overgrown, remove hazardous dead, cracked, or broken branches and excavate bulk refuse from lots.

What are the Benefits of using our Crane Service?

Time savings – When you aren’t using a crane for tree trimming or removal, it can take you forever to reach the branches you want to treat. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment we can make it possible to reach all areas almost instantly. All you have to point a finger or give instructions and our technicians are already there taking care of your tasks.

Less labor-intensive – We live in the age of an unparalleled technology development and progress in all fields. That’s why it’s embarrassing, to say at least, to see someone climbing a tree like a bear. A technician can have ninja climbing skills, but if he doesn’t use a crane, rest assured he will be exhausted when the time comes to do some work.

Risks elimination – Tarzan has been one of the most lovable heroes for many generations not only in Oklahoma City, but also all over the world. However, when it comes to your tree trimming and removal it’s not recommended to try reconstructing some of your favorite Tarzan movie scenes. Using a crane is the most efficient and reliable way to eliminate all potential risks.

Less impact to the surroundings – Using a crane allows you to work with surgical precision. You can access the target areas with the minimal damage to the surroundings. A crane is an extremely useful piece of machinery that saves both environment and people from unwanted scenarios and damages.


No Tree is Too High for Our Crane Service Technicians

Cranes let our experts safely complete jobs that could not be done without them. Our crane operators have extensive training, certification, and years of experience in maneuvering heavy duty machinery. Rest assured that all of our crane operators had to go through a rigorous selection and an extensive training process. Obtaining a certificate to operate a crane is one of the most demanding tasks in our industry. You are required to demonstrate a unique combination of experiences and skills in order to pass. Only the most skilled arborists can become great and reliable crane operators. Removing or trimming trees with the help of a crane is half science – half art. Because no two trees you have to reach are alike, every individual tree has to be treated differently.

Removing and trimming trees with a crane assistance is the safest and most efficient way to do it. Our hats off to the traditional tree trimming and removal techniques, but let’s face it. They have become too time-consuming and extremely costly activities. Without a crane, you simply don’t stand a chance of achieving the optimal results. When we use a crane for your tree removal or trimming process, we can significantly reduce the amount of time required for proper work. What’s even more important, with a crane we are decreasing the impact to the surroundings. You can have an absolute peace of mind because we’re in a position to ensure a safe and efficient working process with no risks to your property or our workers.

Although the cranes are very important pieces of equipment in our industry, it’s not a very common thing to see a tree service provider to own and use a crane. Tip Top Tree Service is proud to own and operate cranes on a daily basis. When you see a crane this is a strong indication that a tree service company is a serious business player in the industry. We are talking about the expensive pieces of machinery that require professional and certified use. Only experience and successful tree service companies can afford to own and operate a crane. The moment you see our crane reaching out to your trees, you will know that you’ve made the right choice by teaming up with our technicians.

Licensed and Experienced Professionals

When you work with Tip Top Tree Service, you have the advantage of dealing with the best, most professional team in town. Our highly-skilled arborists have over two decades of hands-on experience in the field and a true dedication to keeping your trees in the peak of health.  We are accredited by the BBB and the winners of the 2014 Super Service Award from Angie’s List, so you can count on us for the very best services.  We love what we do, and we have all of the tools and equipment necessary to do the job right.  

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