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Once you got your tree being removed, a stump is a reminder that your tree removal job is far from over. The purpose of stump grinding service is to allow you further utilize the area to its full potential. This is the most effective and efficient way of removing the remaining parts of your tree. Tip Top Tree Service can help you get rid of any unwanted tree roots and stumps, quickly and efficiently.

When you remove a tree, you shouldn’t leave a stump behind. If you do not grind or remove it completely, a stump can remain on your property for an indefinite period of time. The more you wait, the harder it will be to grind or remove it. Without the help of our professional stump grinding service, a seemingly simple process of stump removal can easily turn into a mission impossible. We can tell you from our rich first-hand experience that stumps can be tough and stubborn opponents for any tree service provider. We are equipped with the state-of-the-art stump grinders that will not cause additional damage to your lawn.



Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Experts

Besides the obvious negative impacts on your landscape aesthetics, the stumps left behind can also represent a potential risk threat you can’t ignore. Here’s a simple, but quite an effective comparison. Removing a stump is just like pulling out a rotten tooth. If you don’t do it properly or you gamble by teaming up with the amateurs in the industry, you are going to make the things worse. You will have to pay twice.

The first time, you pay hoping that someone will take care of stump grinding work the right way. You end up in disappointment and with a stump still standing in your yard. Then, the second time, you have to pay again to a true tree company to completely remove a stump. All of these troubles and unnecessary costs could’ve been easily avoided, if you’d given a call to the professional stump grinding service provider, in the first place.


Before we begin with our stump grinding work, we will carefully consider the following important factors:

• The horsepower of our stump grinding tools and machinery
• Accessibility and available space for work
• The diameter, depth, and size of a stump
• The potential property and health risks


You can have a peace of mind because you know that we can do our stump grinding work with surgical precision. We have various grinders that can perfectly fit any available space and stump size. We operate huge grinding machines to deal with the multiple stumps in a matter of hours. At the same time, we have small residential grinders that can maneuver and work in limited spaces. When requested by our customers, we can grind so deep that you can easily plant another tree. Once we’re done with our grinding work, we will leave you with a beautiful and safe yard for your loved ones to enjoy or your business to grow. No stump grinding work is too big or too small for our technicians. 

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