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We often hear, “I have a tree that needs trimming, but it might be too tall.” Many of our customers have become discouraged after calling other tree service providers about their big tree problem. At Tip Top Tree Service we are able to help you with our crane services.

Utilizing a crane for tree trimming and removal as well as lot clearing, allows our arborist to complete jobs that others once thought impossible. Not every job will require the use of a crane. That’s why we thoughtfully examine what jobs will specifically need a crane. Our cranes allow us to trim tree limbs that have overgrown, remove hazardous dead, cracked, or broken branches, and excavate bulk refuse from lots.

The benefits of using a crane include they are:

  • Time reducing
  • Less labor intensive
  • Less impactful to the surroundings

Cranes let our experts safely complete jobs that could not be done without them. Our crane operators have extensive training, certification, and years of experience in maneuvering heavy duty machinery. Call us at (405) 366-8884 to schedule your crane services.

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